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34493 Biophotonics

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Course type:

Taught under single-course student

June 6 - 13, 2015, only odd years.


Campus Lyngby

Scope and form:

Summer school of one week duration with lectures, poster presentations, and group work. A curriculum has to be completed prior to attending the school.

Duration of Course:

[The course is not following DTUs normal Schedule]

Date of examination:

Decide with teacher, Usually written homework/presentation to be handed in 1 month after completion of summer school.

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Mandatory Prerequisites:

Recommended prerequisites:

General course objectives:

Optical methods and instruments based on light interacting with tissue have emerged as powerful techniques for bio-medical diagnostics, monitoring wide spectra of tissue function and pathology together with therapy. The purpose of the Biophotonics school is to provide education at the highest international level within these areas.
The school Biophotonics'15 covers the following main areas:
- lasers and their applications in medicine
- tissue optics
- photodynamic therapy
- optical tweezers and their applications in biophotonics
- photo-acoustic imaging
- molecular imaging based on optical methods
- nanoscopy for cell imaging (STED)
- optical coherence tomography and coherence domain optical methods in biomedicine.

At the summer school invited experts, at an international level, will give extended presentations reviewing these areas. Moreover, the attendees at the summer school will also have the opportunity of presenting their current research at the poster sessions (mandatory).

Learning objectives:

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
  • knowlegde of light-tissue interactions and tissue optics
  • knowledge of diffuse optical tomography and spectroscopy
  • knowledge of optical coherence tomography
  • knowledge of photo-acoustic imaging
  • knowledge of stimulated emission depletion microscopy (nanoscopy)
  • knowledge of molecular imaging
  • knowledge of photodynamic therapy
  • knowledge of light sources for biomedical optics.


The course is conducted as a Ph.D. summer school of one week duration at an external conference center outside DTU campus. See the homepage for the current or previous course:
www.biop.dk/​biophotonics15/​. The course is offered in odd years only.


Peter E. Andersen , Risø Campus, Building 108, Ph. (+45) 4677 4555 , peta@fotonik.dtu.dk


34 Department of Photonics Engineering

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