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28530 Transport Processes

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Taught under single-course student
General competence course, MSc. Eng., Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Technological specialization course, MSc. Eng., Advanced and Applied Chemistry
Technological specialization course, MSc. Eng., Food Technology
Technological specialization course, MSc. Eng., Petroleum Engineering


E5 (Wed 8-17)


Campus Lyngby

Scope and form:

Lectures with exercises, two projects. The two projects are usually scheduled in October (report due at end of month) and in last weeks of the 13-week period (report due first day of examination period, usually). Normal teaching activities continue concurrently with the projects.

Duration of Course:

13 weeks

Date of examination:

E5A, F5A

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General course objectives:

To introduce the participants to the modeling and numerical description of flow, heat and mass transport.

Learning objectives:

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
  • Describe the molecular processes behind viscosity, thermal conduction and diffusion.
  • Obtain analytical solutions for flow problems with simple boundary and initial data.
  • Formulate and analyze models for combined flow and heat transport
  • Formulate and analyze models for combined flow and diffusion
  • Formulate and analyze models for combined flow and chemical reaction
  • Make order of magnitude estimates for key quantities such as fluxes, reaction rates and equilibration times.
  • Use Computational Fluid Dynamics for the simulation of flow with combined heat and mass transport (COMSOL)
  • Evaluate the accuracy of approximations obtained by Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Formulate models for transport with a small or large parameter (boundary layers)


Mechanisms for the transport of momentum (flow), nergy and mass in chemical and biological systems. Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics as basis for transport processes. Applications in the design of equipment and analytical instrumentation in the chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry.


R.B.Bird, W.E.Stewart & E.N. Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena, Wiley (2002)


Ole Hassager , Building 227, Ph. (+45) 4525 2973 , oh@kt.dtu.dk
Stig Wedel , Building 229, Ph. (+45) 4525 2948 , sw@kt.dtu.dk


28 Department of Chemical Engineering

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