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27732 Human Nutrition

NOTE: The course is offered as course 23732 from autumn 2015.

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Point( ECTS )


Course type:

Taught under open university


E3A (Tues 8-12)


Campus Lyngby

Scope and form:

Lectures and exercises

Duration of Course:

13 weeks

Date of examination:

E3A, F3A

Type of assessment:

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Qualified Prerequisites:


General course objectives:

To communicate basic human nutrition based on biochemistry and physiology.

Learning objectives:

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
  • Describe the structure of the digestive system and functions of each organ.
  • Define the 6 classes of nutrients.
  • Describe the digestion, absorption, systemic transport, storage and elimination of each class of nutrients.
  • Evaluate the body’s energy balance in different conditions and solve simple problems in relation to energy intake and expenditure.
  • Estimate the effect of deficiency of selected nutrients within each class of nutrients.
  • Relate the different nutrients to deficiency symptoms and chronic diseases.
  • Assess nutrition related problems and suggest relations between symptoms and life style.
  • Relate a specific physiologic condition (e.g. pregnancy, ageing) with particular nutritional needs.


Catabolism and absorption of the individual components of the diet in the gastro-intestinal tract. Production and utilization of energy. Fluids, electrolytes and acid-base equilibrium. Metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids including essential components, fibers, and the biological value of proteins. Vitamins and vitamin deficiency. Minerals and trace components. Diseases related to mineral deficiency, e.g. osteomalacia and anaemia. Obesity and malnutrition including protein-energy malnutrition. Nutritional demands in pregnancy and lactation, and in the infant. Lifestyle diseases including circulation and coronary heart diseases. Diabetes and inherited metabolic diseases. Food allergy. Diseases related to nutrition in the developing countries versus the industrialized world.


The course is only offered in Danish.

Green challenge participation:

Please contact the teacher for information on whether this course gives the student the opportunity to prepare a project that may participate in DTU´s Study Conference on sustainability, climate technology, and the environment (GRØN DYST). More infor http://www.groendyst.dtu.dk/english


Lars Hellgren , Building 224, Ph. (+45) 4525 2759 , lih@bio.dtu.dk


27 Department of Systems Biology

Department involved:

23 National Food Institute

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