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27690 Module 1: From idea to project plan in biotech and pharmaceutical research

The course is not offered in June 2015, however, it is being merged with course 27691 'Module 2: Pilot project in pharma technology' and is from autumn 2015 offered as 27689 'Planning and management of biotech and pharmaceutical research projects'.

Danish title:

Module 1: Fra idé til projektplan i biotek- og farmaforskning


Point( ECTS )


Course type:

General competence course, MSc. Eng., Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering
Generel competence course, MSc. Eng., Bioinformatics Systems Biology
Generel competence course, MSc. Eng., Biotechnology


The course is not offered in June 2015. Refer to course 27689 autumn 2015.


Campus Lyngby

Scope and form:

Lectures, group work

Duration of Course:

3 weeks

Date of examination:

Special day, On last course day

Type of assessment:



General course objectives:

The aim of the course is to provide the participants with the necessary tools and framework for formulating and planning projects relevant to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Learning objectives:

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
  • Demonstrate ability to systematically search, retrieve and critically assess relevant scientific and market literature from the World Wide Web.
  • Understand how to set timelines and define milestones, work packages and deliverables.
  • Plan and perform task delegation, communication and following up among group members.
  • Present, explain, discuss and defend project ideas orally and in writing to group members and to decision makers.
  • Describe examples of typical real-life projects and strategies in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Understand and explain specific formal and practical requirements for biotech and pharma-related scientific projects.
  • Transform a scientific idea into a coherent research grant proposal.
  • Use basic project management tools in the development of a scientific project plan.


The first half of the course consists of lectures, in which we introduce the students to projects and strategy in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and we provide them with a basic project management toolkit (SWOT analysis, Gantt chart, Work Breakdown Structure, Risk Assessment). During the second half of the course, the students work in groups of 2 to 4, taking into consideration that course participants are students from different MSc lines. The students from the Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering MSc are presented with a number of real-life problems from industrial partners, from which they should choose one. Thereafter, they are asked to submit a report in the form of a research grant proposal. The report should highlight the aim of the suggested project and should describe how they approach, delimit and plan each project phase. It is highly encouraged, but not required, that the students will continue working on the selected project throughout all modules of the integrated project. Students from other MSc lines that are interested in following the course should be aware of that they should come with their own project ideas within biotech and pharmaceutical research.


This course constitutes the first module of the integrated second year course in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering.

Green challenge participation:

Please contact the teacher for information on whether this course gives the student the opportunity to prepare a project that may participate in DTU´s Study Conference on sustainability, climate technology, and the environment (GRØN DYST). More infor http://www.groendyst.dtu.dk/english


Jens Vindahl Kringelum , s052533@student.dtu.dk
Ole Lund , Building 208, Ph. (+45) 4525 2425 , lund@cbs.dtu.dk


27 Department of Systems Biology

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