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27023 Experimental biochemistry

The course starts 1 week later than normal

Danish title:

Eksperimentel biokemi


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F4A (Tues 13-17)
F1B (Thurs 13-17)
Tuesday: Human Life Science Eng.; Thursday: Biotech; Students from other study programs will be assigned into these two scheduled days according to vaccancies.


Campus Lyngby

Scope and form:

Laboratory exercises with instruction

Duration of Course:

13 weeks

Type of assessment:



Previous Course:

25151 and 27021

Not applicable together with:

Recommended prerequisites:


General course objectives:

To render the student capable of acquiring experimental knowledge of the most important areas in biochemistry. The course exemplifies part of the theory given in course 27022 Biochemistry.

Learning objectives:

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
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Biochemical, chromatographic and electrophoretic methods to study carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Purification of proteins and characterization of their physical and chemical properties. Introduction to enzyme kinetics. Experimental studies of metabolism in citric acid cycle and by enzyme activity measurements in purified mitochondria.


Stryer biochemistry book, 7th edition in addition to own teaching material


The course is for students in Biotechnology and Human Life Science and Engineering. The course can be followed at the same time as 27022 Biochemistry.

Green challenge participation:

Please contact the teacher for information on whether this course gives the student the opportunity to prepare a project that may participate in DTU´s Study Conference on sustainability, climate technology, and the environment (GRØN DYST). More infor http://www.groendyst.dtu.dk/english


Maher Abou Hachem , Lyngby Campus, Building 375, Ph. (+45) 4525 2732 , maha@bio.dtu.dk


27 Department of Systems Biology

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